• Hardcore
  • Gabber
From The Netherlands

Few Milestones

Angerfist started making music at the age of 16 and started his professional career as a DJ in 2001.
He quickly gained popularity in the Gabber scene thanks to his aggressive sounds.

In 2005, he produced the Masters of Hardcore Anthem, “The World Will Shiver”.

In 2017, Angerfist released his sixth album “Creed of Chaos”, consisting of 32 tracks. It contains collabs with artists such as DJ Mad Dog, Ophidian, I:Gor, to name a few.

That same year, he performed at many major festivals such as Panoramas, Electrobeach, Decidel Outdoor, Psycho Circus and The Techno Parade.

During his live acts, he performs with MC Prozac and they both are used to wear the ice hockey mask with a black or white hoodie.

A Famous Track : “Pennywise”



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