Deadly Guns

  • Hardcore
From The Netherlands

Few Milestones

In 2016 Deadly Guns released his debut track on Masters Of Hardcore, called “Stick To My Guns”.

One year later, he released his debut album, titled “The Gunshow”, on Masters Of Hardcore. It features 26 tracks and contains collaborations with artists such as Mr. Sinister, Warface, Nosferatu and Nolz to name a few.

In 2019, Deadly Guns released his second album “The Chosen Ones”. It contains a big collaboration with Paul Elstak on “The Ultimate Paul Mash-Up” but also tracks with Dither, Ncrypta, D-Fence and many more.

Over the years, he brought his “Trashcore” sounds at many major festivals such as Supremacy, Dominator, Masters Of Hardcore and Defqon.1.

A Famous Track : “Rip It Open” (ft. Ncrypta)

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