DJ Thatha

  • Psytrance
From Brazil

Few Milestones

DJ Thatha, also known as Altruism, is considered as one the top DJs in the world with over a decade as DJ.

In 2010, she started music production, created the live act Altruism and released her compilation “Magic Mirror”, which achieved the Beatport top 10.

One year later, she joined the famous South African label Nano Records and released her debut EP “Beyond Illusion”.

In 2017, she collaborated with Burn In Noise and Outsiders to release their famous track “Consciousness”.

Over the years, DJ Thatha has performed at famous festivals such as Boom Festival, O.Z.O.R.A., Vuuv Festival, Universo Paralello, Vortex Festival and Psy-Fi Festival to name a few.

A Famous Track : “Consciousness” (ft. Burn In Noise, Outsiders)

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