• Future Bass
  • Electronica
From The Netherlands

Few Milestones

DROELOE is the creative union of music producer and composer Vincent Rooijers with visual designer Hein Hamers, formed while attending art school in Utrecht.

In 2016, they first broke out when San Holo signed the project to his label Bitbird, releasing their debut track “zZz”, which counts +4.1 million SoundCloud streams and 10 million additional plays on Spotify.

That year, they also made their debut on the Canadian label Monstercat with their track “Bon Voyage”.

In 2017, DROELOE followed that up by penning their debut EP “A Moment In Time”, through Bitbird.

In 2020, they announced that Hein would be leaving the project, while Vincent would carry on the project solo. That year, in order to commemorate their work together, ¬†they released the album “A Matter Of Perspective”.

Over the years, the duo performed at many festivals such as EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Hijinx Fest and Wynwood Fear Factory to name a few.

A Famous Track : “Sunburn”

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