Frantic Noise

  • Psytrance
From Costa Rica

Few Milestones

In 2005, Frantic Noise released the album “The Abstract Machine” under the alias Megalopsy, which is a duo with Filter.

Together that year, they launched the record label Dark Prisma Records. Frantic Noise made the labels 1st official release with his full length album “The Nordland Orchestra”.

In 2017, he released his second album, titled “Trance Nodriza”, on his own label, which features 8 tracks like “Freaks” featuring Xikwri Neyrra and “Euphoria” featuring Dirty Phreak.

Frantic Noise is now also part of AuraQuake Records, cutting edge label founded by Penta including artists such as Atriohm, Parus and oCeLoT.

A Famous Track : “Forgotten Language”

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