• Psytrance
From United States

Few Milestones

Kabayun started his music career as a producer in the late 2000s, releasing one of his first productions in 2009, titled “Fire From Within”, through D-A-R-K Records.

Two years later, he released his first studio album “Journeys”, on 2to6 Records.

In 2015, Kabayun joined the German label Sangoma Records and released his debut EP “Existing In Parallel”.

In 2017, he released his second album, titled “Noctis Labyrinthus”, through Sangoma Records. It contains many collaborations with artists such as Cosinus, Yab-Yum, Ingrained Instincts and Ninesense to name a few.

In 2019, he launched his new collaboration project, alongside Cosinus, called Analog Anarchists.

A Famous Track : “Unity”

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