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From Serbia

Few Milestones

ManMachine is a composer, university educated music producer, BA in applied music, MA in film and sound design, also known as Massiva and Excizen.

After many years of DJ-ing, in 2003 he began to produce and achieved success with the debut of his live project.

In 2008, he signed first tracks as ManMachine, followed by debut album “Reintegrate” released in 2010 for Ovnimoon Records.

Over the years, he performed gigs all around the world, such as: Universo Paralello, O.Z.O.R.A., Experience, Indian Spirit, S.U.N. Festival, Life Celebration, Spirit Base, Vuuv Festival and Exit Festival to name a few.

Besides that, ManMachine is award-winning producer of contemporary orchestral music and wrote scores for theater plays, ballets, films, radio and TV.

A Famous Track : “Metamorphosis”


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