Moore Kismet

  • Dubstep
  • Trap
  • Future Bass
From United States

Few Milestones

The name Moore Kismet, meaning “more than fate”, is a representation of Omar finding more success in their field sharing their story of who they really are.
Being an openly pansexual and non-binary artist in the scene is not easy to come by, but with the love and support from the LGBTQ+ community, this lifestyle has been a major aspect of Omar’s brand.

In 2018, Moore Kismet self-released their debut studio album, titled “Trials”, which features 9 tracks such as “Extra”, “Sentimental” and “Standby”.

One year later, they released their debut single “Mutant” featuring SHARPS, through British record label Never Say Die.

In 2020, Moore Kismet released more tracks on Never Say Die such as “Flair” featuring Momma Kismet and “Adore” featuring Leotrix.

A Famous Track : “Flair” (ft. Momma Kismet)

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