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From The Netherlands

Few Milestones

Nolz is a Hardcore and Hardstyle MC who started his MC career in 2006, pushed by MC Ruffian.

In 2012, he merged with B-Front and Frequencerz and formed the artist group B-Freqz.

Nolz has been featured on many Official anthems such as “Metropolis Of Massacre” by Miss K8 (Dominator 2014), “Unification Of Inner Power” by Nosferatu (Harmony Of Hardcore 2018), “Rally of Retribution” by Angerfist (Dominator 2019) and “Out Of The Dark” by Crypsis (Supremacy 2019).

Over the years, Nolz made it to stages like Masters of Hardcore, Loudness, Decibel, Mysteryland, Q-BASE, Bassleader, Syndicate and Hard Bass to name a few.

A Famous Track : “Rally of Retribution” (ft. Angerfist)

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