Pablo Bozzi

  • Italo House
  • EBM
  • Techno
From France

Few Milestones

Pablo Bozzi’s musical journey begins at 6 during his classical formative years, playing the harpsichord for almost ten years at the National Conservatory of Toulouse.

In 2018, he graduated in Sound Design in Montpellier. He then moved to Berlin to progress in his musical career, through his Imperial Black Unit project with Templer.

Two years later, Pablo Bozzi released his debut solo EP, titled “Walk On Wire”, through Phase Fatale’s record label Bite.

In 2022, he released his debut studio album, “Street Reign”, on Pinkman.

Besides his solo project, Pablo Bozzi is part of Imperial Black Unit as said before, but also part of Soft Crash along with Phase Fatale.

A Famous Track : “Last Moscow Mule”

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