Stephen Brown

  • Techno
From United Kingdom

Few Milestones

Stephen Brown started listening to the original Electro sound of the early eighties while breakdancing. Then in 1988 Stephen discovered House music at the Hoochie Coochie Club in Edinburgh.

He started playing live with Roland drum machines and basslines emulating the acid sound of Chicago under the name of MD3.

After numerous live shows throughout 1989/1991, Stephen retired to his bedroom to make music for the next three years.

In 1995, he released his debut EP, titled “A Function Of Aberration”, through Dutch record label Djax-Up-Beats.

Five years later, Stephen Brown decided to start his own record label called Realtime, to release all his own material that had been rejected from other labels.

Over the years, he played in many countries such as Belgium, Germany, France, Oslo, Copenhagen, and would always return to play at his local club PURE in Edinburgh.

A Famous Track : “Medusa”

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