Big Slap Weekend 2022

Live an International experience in the middle of Pildammsparken in Malmö

  • Malmö, Sweden
  • 05-06 August 2022
  • from € 175,06


In 2012, an idea was born in a small office at Gamla Väster in Malmö. A dream to be able to carry out an outdoor event in Malmö, to show the best side of the city.

Joy, energy, emotions and an event full of happiness. The idea of ​​an event that could affect all people. An idea where joy and happiness were in focus. An event where EDM was the basis where this could be developed so that several different music genres could share the stage.

In 2013, this dream came true. A boiling plate and 12 euphoric hours later, success was a fact. A baby was born. A party in the park with 15,000 wonderful visitors. Big Slap became the name that everyone had on their lips. Big Slap was the event we started. Big Slap attracted all the great artists and guests from all over the world.

In 2022, Big Slap team stands for another dream that is coming true. To be able to run 2 days with different genres. To be able to broaden Big Slap to something even bigger. To make even more people experience the joy we create together. Now the dream is here.

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